The World Coco

World Coco is one of the exporters of coconut commodity products in Indonesia. We focus  provide coco fiber (coir) products . Initially our company supplied products to the local market on the island of Java. After that, our company expanded and expanded into the international market, to export coconut products supplying all over the world.

We always prioritize the supply of goods in large quantities and provide quality products at affordable and competitive prices, so we are ready to carry out long-term cooperation by providing the best service, optimal supply management, maintaining trust and satisfaction to fulfill procurement of goods. items that customers need.

What you know ?

In fact, Indonesia is the largest coconut plantation in the world with a plantation area of ​​3.8 million hectares and produces an average annual production of around 15 billion coconuts. Indonesia has a large export strength in terms of production volume so that it is also able to offer more competitive prices.

We as a company in the field of coconut commodities participate in supplying the needs of coconut derivatives for the international market

Supplier of quality coconut products

Get your best coconut products and competitive price.